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Knowing self is the first step in personality development. Provides the largest collection of interactive  trait tests. Provides with most of the standardised tests. Tests are in the form of a Psychometric questionnaires in English designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character, psychological or Behaviour preferences. These tests are widely used scientific instruments of psychology in Personal and professional Space.

- Quick 20 question Five Famous Big Traits personality test
- Jumbo personality test gives your personality against 16 famous personality traits
- Over 60 standard personality assessment tests
- Popular trait assessment tests
- Over 660 Primary traits assessment tests
- Traits on search for better understanding of you.
- Personality Type Tests

Our Personality is  made up of large number of Traits like threads that make cloth. Traits can be defined as habitual patterns of behaviour, thought, and emotion.  Everybody are good in some traits, not so good in some and many in between.  Success, happiness, satisfaction, peace etc,  in your personal life, relationships, career etc depend on how you perform using these traits. Measuring, how good you are in the traits tells, what are your Strengths and Weaknesses and how well you are performing. When you attempt to find, how you fair in a particular trait, you have to either depend on the opinion of others or family, which introduces unpleasant issues like bias, judgement and may even affect your precious relationship.  This  application aims to help you self assess, how you fair in each of these traits. Trait app provides tests to measure over 600 traits.

(Psychometric measures of Multiple dimensions or traits)
- Big Five Aspects, Bias for Action, Disorder, Emotional Intelligence, Locus of Control, Dissociation, Humor Style, Mindfulness , Depression, Skills, Sexual Self Concept, Dark Triad, Free Will, Misconduct, Sadistic Tendencies, Pain, Cope, Hope, Cognitive Failure, Negative thoughts ,etc

Enneagram Type, Enneagram Sub Typ, Five Element Nature Indicator (Chinese Astrology) Test, Dosha Type Quiz (Indian Ayurveda Prakrit), Ego State (Transaction Analysis) Type.

Self Assessment is the best way because, who knows you, better than yourself.  These tests are neither psychoanalytic in approach , which are deep, nor behavioral in approach, that barely scratch surface. Self assessment is made by answering a set of questionnaire for each trait, prepared by renowned psychiatrists and sociologists of world at various points of time.  You just have to answer them as honestly as possible and your score in the traits is provided. As simple as that. Your results stay in your mobile. So perfectly private and safe.

Questions are plain real life preferences in simple understandable and answerable format that take familiar , unfamiliar and formal circumstances of inclinations into account. When taking the test,  Choose the most agreeable with you, not what you want to. There is no right or wrong answer. No right or wrong person. It is just a opinion or perspective.
Provides different tests or different ways to measure the same trait, because each of us are unique and there is no one fit test for everyone.

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Trait application is for educational purpose only and  in no way substitutes Psychiatrist or Sociologist expert opinion.

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Ego State (Transaction Analysis) Type

Dosha Type Quiz (Indian Ayurveda Prakrit)

Five Element Nature Indicator (Chinese Astrology) Test

Enneagram Type
Enneagram Sub Type 

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