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Fitga 4

Fitga is a Fitness Tracker Application. Which tracks your Food, Activities, Exercises, Blood Pressure Weight, Cholesterol levels, Lab Reports. It gives the data in as a list for easy comparison. It also provides the data in Charts and Graphs. It has also does calculates your Fitness Parameters like BMI , BMR, Fat Percentage, Frame Type, Body Shape and it recommends Ideal weight, Calories required Daily, Water Requirement. Going a Step further it also predicts your Life span, Biological Age and Mental Age. It provides your Physical Fitness Profile, Emotional Fitness Profile and Social Fitness Profile. It comes with Count up and Count Down Timer

Food Tracking
Database: Comes with Inbuilt Food and Recipe Database.
Nutrition : Carbohydrates (Carbs), Proteins, Lipids, Fibre .  
Calorie:  Track Calories
Food Measure: cups, tablespoon, quart, serving, slice, packet, oz

Exercise, Fitness and Activities Tracking
Automatic Tracking :Normal Walking, Running, Biking
METS: Comes with Inbuilt METS database.
User Input:    Calories, Time spent on Activities based on METS
Activity Calorie Burn: METS, Simple Calculation, Accurate Vo2max calculation;
Timer :  Start- stop timer with Count-up and Count-down counting.

Weight Tracking
Both in Metric as well as Imperial Systems

Lab Report Tracking
Cholesterol: Total, VDL, LDL, VLDL, Tryglycerides 
Kidney : Creatanine, Clearance, eGfr, MicroAlbumin, Albumin                            
Sugar: Random Blood Sugar (RBS), Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), 2Hr Pc, OGTT, HbA1c from Lab 

Blood Pressure Tracking
Systole, Diastole. Manually store  BP and Track

Display and Export
Entries as list
Entries as Charts and Graphs
File: Save entries as CSV file;
Image: Save Chart as Image file

BMI, BMR (RMR), Fat Percentage & weight, Frame Type, Body shape

Calorie Burn

RMR (BMR) :  Calories Burnt for Normal Body Functions
METS : Calorie Burn based on METS values for each Exercise or Activity
Simple Calculation: Calorie Based on Rule of Thumb Calculation
Vo2max: Accurate Calculations using Vo2max
Goal : Set Goals for Calorie Intake and Burn

Vo2max Calculation
Rockport  Fitness Walk Test
Byu 1 Mile Jog Test
Uth-Sorensen-Overgaard-Pedersen Heart rate Test
Cooper Airforce Test
Treadmill Test
George non Exercise Test

Ideal Weight::  What should be your Weight for your physical build.
Daily  Calorie: Calorie consumption to Gain, Maintain or Lose Weight.
Water : Required Daily Water Consumption.

Life Span: Your Lifespan in Years for the life style you lead
Biological Age : Age of your body as against the Chronological age
Mental Age: Age of your thought process

Diet Profile, Your Diet or Physical Profile
Burnout Profile: Your Emotional Fitness
Social Profile: Your Social Fitness, How Society looks at you.

Supported Platforms
Android 4.4.2 and Above

Ver 4.1.1
Launch Version


Physical, Mental and Social Fitness calculator


Support Metric and Imperial systems

BMI, BMR (RMR), Fat Percentage & weight, Frame Type, Body shape, Weight in Other Planets

Ideal Weight.
Required Calorie Consumption to Gain, Maintain or Lose Weight.
Required Daily Water Consumption.

Save the Vital Parameters as Profiles, for easy access later.
Save weight on daily basis for Tracking for each profile

DeterminesYour Lifespan in Years for the life style you lead
Biological Age of your body as against the Chronological age
Mental Age of your thought process

Diet Profile, Your Diet or Physical Profile
Burnout Profile, Are you emotinally Fit
Social Profile, Are you Socially Fit, How Society looks at you.

 Supported Platforms
Android Ver 3.2 and Above

Fitga Ver 3.1
Adds More Fitness Calculations like Mental and Social Fitness apart from Physical Fitness. Also including the ability to calculate with Imperial Units apart from Metric Units. Saving Profiles and Weight is made Robust.


TaxGa is a Tax Application for Calculating Income Tax according to  Indian Income Tax. The Application gives the income tax to be paid by a Individual or HUF(Hindu Undivided Family) or Firm. The application calculates the tax based on the Income, Deductions , Gender and Age, you provide as input. The Aim of the application is to provide a simple calculator for calculating your Income Tax.

TaxGa 1.3
This version is basic tax calculation, It automatically selects the slab based on the Income, Deductions, Gender and Age you provide and give the tax and Cess on tax to be paid. This version is  for the Financial year 2011-12. TaxGa calculator provides the  Tax to be paid in touch of a button.

Supported Phones
TaxGa supported on all Android based Smartphone/Tablet above Android 1.6