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Diabetiga GL

Diabetiga GL is a Diabetes management Tool which Track ,Chart and Calculate

Having Diabetes, means dealing with lots of numbers and tracking regularly Blood Glucose, Insulin or Medication doses, Carb counting etc. Recording the values, looking for trends. Keeping all the parameters within range is a challenge. Diabetiga Helps in record, displays as lists and chart for you get better perspective

Why Glycemic Load tracking, while others provide carb counting. The glycemic index or glycaemic index (GI) represents the total rise in a person's blood sugar level following consumption of the food. GL is a GI-weighted measure of carbohydrate content. Glycemic Load presents impact of Carbohydrate in Food. So you can better manage your food intake.

Diabetiga GL provides a list of diabetic Comprehensive calculations listed below.

Record and Track Glucose, Medication, Insulin Intake, Food Consumption, weight, Pressure, Laboratory Results. Provides visual graphs of the same. Records provided as single list to help see the correlation between them.

Diabetiga has a food list with carbohydrates value, Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. As Glycemic Load is the better than Counting Carbs or Glycemic Index tracking for Diabetic Patients. The Food Database provides for this parameter. Additional Food Items can be added to the Food Database Manually.

Save the Graph in Image Format
Export your Entries to CSV Format

Risk of Getting Diabetes
Maturity onset of Diabetes -MODY

Carb Coverage Meal Dose
Blood Sugar Correction Dose
Total Mealtime Dose
Total Daily Insulin
Bolus Correction
Controlled Dose
Carbohydrate to Insulin Ratio
Carbohydrates to Blood sugar Ratio
Blood Sugar to Insulin Ratio

Glycemic Load
HBA1c <--> Estimated Average Glucose
Corrected Calcium
Hidden Calorie from Food Label

Support Metric and Imperial systems
BMI, BMR - RMR, Fat Percentage & weight, Frame Type, Body shape, Weight in Other Planets

Save the Vital Parameters as Profiles, for easy access later.

Ideal Weight.
Required Calorie Consumption to Gain, Maintain or Lose Weight.
Required Daily Water Consumption.


Current Version 3.1.2

Physics Ganaka

Physics Ganaka
Calculators in Physics are becoming big part of physics learning, because unlike mathematics where we are only doing calculations, in Physics we need start with principles, theory and derivations and calculations. So a calculator comes in handy, especially for doing trivial ones. Physics Ganaka is an attempt at that. Physics are useful to check at the values you arrive at doing the calculations manually.

Physics Ganaka 1.2
Physics Ganaka is a Basic Physics calculator, Physics Ganaka calculates most of the fundamental calculations of fundamental physics.

It Calculates
  • Motion – Displacement, Momentum, Impulse, velocity,Force and also circular motion.
  • Work, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Power in Gravitational, Rotational and Elastic
  • Matter – Density, Specific Gravity, Pressure, Specific Heat , Gas Laws
  • Electricity – Current, Volt, Resistance, Power, Coulomb's Law
  • Waves – Wave Speed, Wave length, Period, Frequency, Doppler Effect.
  • Gravitation – Force, Acceleration, Potential Energy, Weight.
  • Thermal – Specific Heat, Heat Transfer, ideal Gas Laws, Enthalpy, Helmholtz Energy

Up and Down Arrow keys to Browse Menu. Select or center key to select the Option. Touch screen choose the option and choose select. On the Parameter screen , you enter the data and select calculate. choose exit to get-back to menu. select quit to quit application.

Supporting Phones
All Java Enabled phone and Blackberry phones.
Both Touch and Non- Touch phones