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Physical, Mental and Social Fitness calculator


Support Metric and Imperial systems

BMI, BMR (RMR), Fat Percentage & weight, Frame Type, Body shape, Weight in Other Planets

Ideal Weight.
Required Calorie Consumption to Gain, Maintain or Lose Weight.
Required Daily Water Consumption.

Save the Vital Parameters as Profiles, for easy access later.
Save weight on daily basis for Tracking for each profile

DeterminesYour Lifespan in Years for the life style you lead
Biological Age of your body as against the Chronological age
Mental Age of your thought process

Diet Profile, Your Diet or Physical Profile
Burnout Profile, Are you emotinally Fit
Social Profile, Are you Socially Fit, How Society looks at you.

 Supported Platforms
Android Ver 3.2 and Above

Fitga Ver 3.1
Adds More Fitness Calculations like Mental and Social Fitness apart from Physical Fitness. Also including the ability to calculate with Imperial Units apart from Metric Units. Saving Profiles and Weight is made Robust.