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Retail Ganaka

Math is used in every level in Retail from basic methods of counting to most complex analysis. Calculations are frequently used in various ways by store owners, managers etc. It is used to calculate pricing, Set margins, evaluate inventory, analyze performance, Markup/Markdown calculations etc. Performing these calculations not only require the formulas, but also doing at the wherever required. What is a better place have these formulas than in your hand and right in your mobile, which you carry around everywhere.

Retail Ganaka
RetailGanaka is mobile based calculator for calculating parameters of the Store or Retail, which help in keeping tab on the store operations. You are no longer are required to remember the formulas, carry a pen, pencil or a calculator to endlessly type and write the amounts. This calculator provides the necessary values in touch of a button.

Retail Ganaka offers you formulas not only to calculate Pricing, Margins, Markup/Markdowns, it also helps you analyze sales and employee Performance, Inventory and the book values right in your hand, in your mobile.

RetailGanaka 1.1
This calculator seamlessly works most of the mobiles having java and also Blackberry. The calculator does the computation of the following calculations provided below. Has user friendly operation. Simple key operation and also Touch screen interaction.
  • Retail Ganaka Measures Retail Performance in Employee, Transaction, Department, Product Category, Square Foot terms.
  • Helps to calculate all types of margin, Markups and Markdowns.
  • All the calculations related to sales.
  • Complete calculations on Inventory.
  • Does calculations on price to arrive at the right prices.
  • Helps Analyse books.

Up and Down Arrow keys to Browse Menu. Select or center key to select the Option. Touch screen choose the option and choose select. On the Parameter screen , you enter the data and select calculate. choose exit to get-back to menu. select quit to quit application.

Supporting phones
All Java Enabled phone and Blackberry phones.