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UNITsGanaka is a Unit Converter. Seven Basic SI units are metre (Length), Kilogram (Mass), Second (Time), ampere (Electric Current), Kelvin (Temperature), Candela (Luminous Intensity), Mole (Amount of Substance). Now you know these units, How do you measures given other units for example Mile, Ounce, Celsius etc . UNITsGanaka calculates the standard values from other units. If a label says some other unit, you don't know, then you can use UNITsGanaka to convert the values into known universal values.

UNITsGanaka 1.2.1
Unitsganaka is a application that converts any unit in the other systems to SI units. It calculates the most widely used other units to SI units. It converts 63 values into equivalent SI units. Has Simple UI.

It converts the following into SI units.
1) LENGTH : Inch, Foot, Furlong, Cable Length, Nautical Mile, Mile, Fathom, Pace, Quarter,League, Rod, Pole, Perch, yard, Light second.

2) AREA : Acre, Dunam, Gunta, Hectare, Square Chain, Square Mile, Square Yard

3) VOLUME : Ounce, Tea Spoon, Table Spoon, Cup, Pint, Litre, Barrel, Bucket, Bushel, Gallon, Ton

4) MASS : Bag, Carat, Ounce, Pound, Qunital, Ton

5) SPEED/VELOCITY : Foot/Second, Inch/Second, Knot, Mach, Mile/Hour, Speed of Light

6) POWER / HEAT FLOW RATE : BTU/Hr, Calorie/Second, Horse Power, Ton - Airconditioning & Refrigeration.

7) TEMPERATURE : Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Delisle, Newton, Rankine, Romer.

Up and Down Arrow keys to Browse Menu. Select or center key to select the Option. Touch screen choose the option and choose select. On the Parameter screen , you enter the data and select calculate. choose exit to get-back to menu. select quit to quit application.

Supporting Phones
All Java Enabled phone and Blackberry phones.
Both Touch and Non- Touch phones