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SI Ganaka

Seven Basic SI units are metre (Length), Kilogram (Mass), Second (Time), ampere (Electric Current) , Kelvin (Temperature), Candela (Luminous Intensity), Mole (Amount of Substance).  How do you calculate the values of Derived SI units values based on basic SI unit values. Remember all the formulas and do the calculations or use SI Ganaka. SI Ganaka calculates values of Derived SI units from Basic SI unit values.  Handy for Teachers in physics , chemistry or Maths and of course students. SI Ganaka  are useful to check at the values you arrive at doing the calculations manually.
SI Ganaka 1.2.1 
SI Ganaka is a Derived SI units calculator.  The Basic  SI units are metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela, mole.  SI Ganaka calculates the Derived SI units values from Basic SI unit values. It calculates 49 derived unit values from Basic SI unit values.

It Calculates
1.AREA - Area, Volume, Specific Volume, Density, Concentration, Capacitance, Power,Radiant,Flux.
2.SPEED - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Camel Train, Frequency, Pressure,Stress
3.THERMAL - Energy,Work,Quantity of Heat, Temperature in Celsius, Luminous Flux
4.ELECTRIC  - Electric Charge, Quantity of Electricity, Electric Potential, Potential Difference, Electromotive Force(EMF), Current Density,Capacitance
5.CONDUCTANCE - Electric Conductance, Electric Resistance, Inductance
6.MAGNETIC - Magnetic Field Strength, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density.
7.RADIATION - Radiation Dose, Power, Radiant Flux, Catalytic Activity, Equivalent dose, Absorbed Dose, Power, Radiant Flux, Illuminance

Up and Down Arrow keys to Browse Menu. Select or center key to select the Option. Touch screen choose the option and choose select. On the Parameter screen , you enter the data and select calculate. choose exit to get-back to menu. select quit to quit application.

Supporting Phones
All Java Enabled phone and Blackberry phones.
Both Touch and Non- Touch phones