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Right from any of us who are  wondering how the electric bill got so high to a Environmentally conscious person who cares about environment, everybody needs to know their Electric usage patterns. In Todays complex world, the electricity consumption is not just switching the light on and off, our whole life runs on it and around it. So we have to quantify what we pay for it. Measuring the consumption is made difficult because of the range of equipments we use and types of formulas used to measure the consumption. This application tries to help in measuring the consumption. We provide all the formulas in your hands in your mobile. So that either selecting, replacing or just checking the appliances or equipments is just easy and not to lose in the technical jargon of  the company or store staff might throw at you. The application not only calculates the Electrical parameters with respect to your standard, Lighting, Heating, cooling , Entertainment, motors and other domestic appliances, but also the calculations pertaining to Renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar and Storing units like UPS, Inverter, Battery operations to extend of  charging requirements for small gadgets like Mobile phones.

PowerGanaka is a Electric Power Calculator . It calculates most of the electric calculations required for measuring electric consumption, charges Etc, PowerGanaka calculates all the values right from tedious calculations for single phase, 3phase motors, Airconditioning equipments to everyday calculation of power consumption of equipments. PowerGanaka also provides the calculations for renewable energy systems, like solar, wind etc. PowerGanaka has tools to calculated the better powersaving equipment among two similar equipment.

PowerGanaka 1.1
PowerGanaka calculator seamlessly works most of the mobiles having java and also Blackberry. The calculator does the computation of the following calculations provided below. Has user friendly operation. Simple key operation and also Touch screen interaction. 
PowerGanaka provides
  • Basic Power calculations of costs like unit cost/kwh, cost of operation, power usage, Electric Bill, Cost Reduction, Cost Savings, Total Energy Consumed etc.
  • Power  consumption calculations from RMS, Wattage, Horsepower,Efficiency etc.
  • Power calculations of Horsepower, Efficiency,Torque, Shaft Power,Powerfactor., etc for Motors of DC to 3phase AC.
  • Calculates power from wind, solar, Carbon Footprint, REC
  • Gives the full picture on Battery, Charging hours,Drain,Present Worth Factor, Hidden Power,Output Current etc
  • provides Cooling capacity of AC needed for your  room, seer Ratio etc
  • Gives total power consumed by all equipments by category like Lighting, Cooling and Heating, Entertainment, Kitchen, Cleaning  etc and their lifetime consumptions as well.
  • Gives comparison of comparison of consumption between two equipments.
  • Cost of Energy, LifeCycle Cost, Return of Investment, Payback Period, Coefficient of Performance etc. 
Up and Down Arrow keys to Browse Menu. Select or center key to select the Option. Touch screen choose the option and choose select. On the Parameter screen , you enter the data and select calculate. choose exit to get-back to menu. select quit to quit application.

Supporting phones
All Java Enabled phone and Blackberry phones.