Having baby means lot on your hand. Calculations, schedules etc, BabyGa minimizes some of the calculations and helps keep with schedules.The BabyGa is Pediatric calculator which gives the Adult Height Potential, ADHD scores, Immunization schedule, Development Milestones, APGAR score and Zodiac for your Infant.

BabyGa 2.2
The BabyGa is a Android based pediatric calculator that calculates Adult Height Potential of your child and also gives you ADHD scores with Child Attention profile,SNAP test, SWAN test. BabyGa also provides the Immunization schedule , Development Milestones, APGAR score and also Zodiac sign with personality.
The BabyGa is a general educational tool only and should not be considered as substitute for medical advice. Please do not reach any conclusions based on these results.. Consult your doctor before making any changes in diet or medicine intake.

Supported Phones
BabyGa supported on all Android based Smartphone above Android 1.6

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