Star Yana

StarYana is a popular spaceship game, in which you wade through asteroids and reach destination and you can shoot asteroids with missiles to get points. The game is designed to check your alertness and hand-eye coordination against the fast approaching asteroids.

Star Yana 1.1
Star Yana is Space Travel Game (Yana Means Path, road, vehicle, travel in Kannada). This Java based game is designed to run in all the Java Enabled Mobiles. The game features the space ship ,which has to wade through asteroid cloud. If spaceship is hit by a asteroid, you lose a life, if you lose three lives your game is over. The asteroids come in fixed speed. The asteroids come faster at one stage and cum rotating at another stage. The asteroids also come in various shapes and sizes. You can shoot the asteroids with missiles and earn points. The missiles are available in fixed intervals and has to be used judiciously. In one stage we have fuel tank hurtling down, if captured will add a life. There is also a mist cloud in which you cannot see properly, and you have wade through the cloud and asteroids.
This option is used to set the speed of play depending on the playing experience. The options are Beginner, Experienced and Expert. The spaceship  travels faster in experienced and fastest in Expert. Some mobiles may be slow or fast,  here also this option can be used to have optimum playing speed.

The game interface is simple and the keyboard control is also simple. Four Direction keys and centre key are used.  The up and down keys(or 2 & 8) are used to browse the menu items and select key (or  Fire key or 5 and in some Motorola phones Left key) is used to select the options. The game play involves the simple Left and Right ( or 4 & 6) keys to steer the ship to left or right.  The UP key(or 2) is used to fire a bullet. FIRE key or select key is used to select menu or get in or  out of play arena.

The Pilot steering the ship has three life's, if his ship hits the asteroid one life is lost and after three hits the game is over. In which case the pilot can start another game or restart the same level to play. 8th stage and later there is fuel cylinder floating along with asteroids ,if the ship captures the cylinder the pilot gains a life. Each capture increases the pilot life by one.

Each missile that strikes the asteroid destroys the Asteroid gets  1 point in Beginner level, 2 points in Experienced  level and 3 points in Expert Level and scoring also increases as you move up the stages. Finishing each stage earns points.

Space Ship
Gas cloud

Stage I
This level features Asteroids all same size, moving at same speed.  you can fire a missile and destroy a asteroid to earn points.

Stage II
In addition to stage I, The space ship moves faster ,so the asteroids comes faster.

Stage III
In addition to stage II, the asteroids come rotating.

Stage IV
In this stage the asteroids come in all sizes and shapes, some small and some big.

Stage V
In addition to stage IV, The space ship moves faster, so the asteroids comes faster.

Stage VI
In addition to stage V, the asteroids come rotating.

Stage VII
In addition to Stage VI , there is fuel tank, if captured by ship gains life.

Stage VIII
In addition to stage VII, the asteroids come faster.

Stage IX
In addition to stage VIII, there is mist cloud coming impairing the vision ,so that you have to calculate where the asteroid will be and fire a missile or evade it.

Stage X and above
In addition to IX, the mist cloud moves faster and also asteroids are coming out faster. Stage X does not end the game you can carry on further levels.

Menu screen is the first screen. You can choose to play a game or set the level or browse the help screen. Once you finished a stage ,you will come to this screen from the score screen, you can choose to replay the same level or continue to next level, you can also start playing from the start by selecting the New Game option. The Level can be set by selecting the level and going to level screen. you can get more help with Help Screen. You can quit the application by selecting the quit option. The menu can be browsed using up and down keys and selection by selecting the center key.

Help screen provides the Player control options and game scenarios. The player can go to and get out of Help screen by pressing the select or fire key.

So Enjoy the Space Travel - Star Yana

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