Push Aata

One blank square and all others are filled with  numbers. Arrange them in the shown numerical order. You  thought you can do it no time. Let us find out. The first one with ascending order from left to right is easy. Then comes the hard part. You have to learn some serious ways of counting upside down and arranging them. One look at the solved maze and you have to get it right,  no forgetting in the middle. Try the timed and championship , where you have to solve all the mazes to win the championship. A serious game, where your kid can beat you. Try the challenge. Game gets interesting as more squares are added, so many numbers and one blank to fill , the game is ultimate challenge.

PUSH Aata 1.1
Push Aata is a number arrangement game on a maze, The numbers are scrambled and provided. You have to arrange them in a particular order for win. The aim to do the arrangement in least number of moves and  in least amount of time. Depending upon the size of the mobile the matrix can have number of squares. Say if a screen size of  the mobile allows 5 squares to be accommodated, then you can have2X2, 3X3, 4X4, 5X5 Matrix. In each matrix there are eight ways arrange the numbers. So in total you have 4 X 8 = 32  puzzles to solve. But this is for a minimum screen size and most mobiles come with larger screens. If your screen can accommodate  nine squares ,there can be 8 X 8 = 64 puzzles to solve.
The game interface is simple and the keyboard control is also simple. Four Direction keys and select ( fire key or center key ) are used. Direction keys to move the numbers in the Grid and to scroll the menu. Fire-key to select the option and to move in and out of play area.


Moves is normal game , where you solve puzzle with least number of moves, as you move each number the move counter gets updated and you have to solve the puzzle with least number of moves. In this level there is  no time limit, you can have as much time for figuring the moves.

 As the name suggests in addition to number of moves, you are timed, you have to solve the puzzle in least amount of time. You pause to think about the next move or moving the numbers ,the time keeps ticking.

Champion level involves solving all the puzzles. Once you solve all the puzzles you are the champion of Push Aata.

Help Screen

Help screen provides the key to be used and also other needed information to play the game.

Game Play 
Starting screen is menu screen. New game has to be selected here. When you select new game you are led to the game selection menu.In the game selection menu you have to select the number of squares, the maximum number of squares is calculated and preset based on the dimensions of screen.  You can select between 2 and maximum allowed.The keys are left and right arrow keys, once you press the center key, you will be shown the maze as it is solved. You can either press right key to play or left key to go back and select another maze. Once in the play area you can use the arrow keys to push the numbers into blank space to solve the maze. Once the maze gets solved it automatically displays it is solved and displays the relevant details selected during levels. You can select the type of game in the Levels.

Supported Phones
Supported on all Java enabled mobiles.

 PushAata GamePlay

Push Aata MenuControl

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